Dear David Craddock,

I would like to express my gratitude and my satisfaction concerning the service and kindness that Maria Rowell provided.

I have irritable bowel syndrome for the past 20 years. I have been diagnosed when I was teenager and the doctor nearly laugh at me because for him I was more hypochondriac than really sick and he just gave me a diet of association of foods that I had to avoid. I followed the diet for few months and forget about it, as it did not seem to be a big deal for my doctor so maybe it was just only in my head. I had a lot of violent spasmodic crisis, which made me shivering for at least 20-30 minutes and ended up with diarrhoea. I had months with nothing and without any reasons the discomfort will come back with bloating, sweat, spasmodic colon cramps, tiredness and diarrhoea. I had periods when everything I ate will end by diarrhoea so it was quite difficult to identify which foods trigger or worse my condition. I did some blood test allergy but the results were all negative so I had no apparent food allergy. Therefore, I started to reduce certain food such as fatty food, milk, egg, pizza, fast food, spicy food, garlic and onions to minimize my condition. Those changes made my condition better for little while but then it will come back to the same discomfort. I really enjoy my food so it was quite stressful for me to accept that whatever I eat I will have the same discomfort afterward. For example, if I went to a restaurant, I will contemplate the menu for a long time not to pick something that I will like to eat but just to pick the food that will make me less sick.

I heard about your clinic via one of my friends and I thought that the Western medicine did not really help me with my condition as they will just give me pills to ease my discomfort but never really tackle the cause of my symptoms. So I went to your clinic and see whether acupuncture could help or not.

Maria helped me to put my irritable bowel syndrome condition under control after 3 sessions of acupuncture. I went from having liquid stool 2 to 3 times per day to normal bowel movement, no bloating, no discomfort and have more energy. Maria suggested that I tried to be on gluten free diet, which also helped to improve my condition a lot. Now I am not over anxious about my food anymore that is why I would like to thank Maria again for her precious helps.

Best Regards,

Laura Nigon.

PS: I hope you won't mind my broken English as English is not my mother tongue.

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I used David Craddock at Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic, he's the go to guy for fertility in Auckland. Out of my four Invitro fertilisations (IVF) he knew exactly which ones I got pregnant on and which I didn't. We called him magic needles.

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