Committed, Positive, Emphathic

I am not sure we could ever have enough space on a page to express our gratitude and good fortune to have such a wonderful individual in our life.

When our daughter Mia was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor at aged 5 months David was one of the first persons we called on for help. My family had used his expertise many times before and highly recommended him and his practice to anyone we thought would benefit from his amazing talent.

David went way beyond the call of duty with the care of our daughter. With regular vists to Starship Hospital when our daughter was enduring multiple complex surgeries and procedures, to the many hundreds more in the following years. You see, our daughter was discharged 4 months after her initial diagnoses and told she had 2 days to 2 weeks to live. Mia just recently had her 4th birthday.

Mia had many wonderful people on her team but non more committed, positive and empathetic than David, who can take huge credit in why we are lucky enough to still have her with us today.

You get much more than just a service when visiting Ponsonby Acupuncture, but an incredible calm, assurring and genuine concern for your welfare. These are qualities so rarely found but posessed in abundance by David and his team. Most off all, his is a talent that can not be taught, his is a gift.

Jo, Matt, Mia and Oscar

Real Life Stories

I used David Craddock at Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic, he's the go to guy for fertility in Auckland. Out of my four Invitro fertilisations (IVF) he knew exactly which ones I got pregnant on and which I didn't. We called him magic needles.

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