Maria Rowell

Inspired by the good TCM can do.

Healthcare has always been a point of comfort and interest of mine. I immediately connected with TCM when I was in the last stages of pregnancy with my first child.

Being inspired, as a patient of David's, at what Acupuncture and TCM could do for me and my family's health lead me on a journey that keeps inspiring and amazing me.

During my studies I was an intern at the clinic and recently joined as a fellow practitioner after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Sciences, and Acupuncture.

I instinctively felt at home with the Chinese way of medicine from the start. "It made sense, especially in a Western culture that is too heavily dependent on drugs. It is great to be able to use the best from both cultures and really help people."

My main interests are Gynaecology, Fertility and Women's Health. "It was exciting to explore this area in Chinese medicine." Nurturing women's reproductive systems was always a huge part of Chinese medicine since ancient times.

"I feel privileged to be here doing this work. I love people; every patient has something special about them."

Real Life Stories

I am not sure we could ever have enough space on a page to express our gratitude and good fortune to have such a wonderful individual in our life.

When our daughter Mia was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor at aged 5 months David was one of the first persons we called on for help. My family had used his expertise many times before and highly recommended him and his practice to...

—Jo, Matt, Mia and Oscar

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