Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ancient Taoist philosophy proposes that there is one vital energy in nature which has many changing forms called QI (pronounced chee.) Qi involves two opposing and complimentary forces (yin and yang) which flow through the body at specific points on the meridian line. When their balance is disturbed, people get sick and acupuncture nudges qi back into equilibrium. Health is an ongoing process of maintaining balance and harmony in the circulation of qi.

We like to think of Acupuncture as ‘energetic medicine’ that helps both body and mind find balance. It is a brilliant catalyst, moving energy around the meridians (energy channels) of the body, unplugging the blocks.  However, most people think of the practise of Acupuncture as TCM. There is much more to TCM than that. 

At Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic we use a full range of TCM techniques like acupressure (hand manipulation of acupuncture points), moxibustion (using heat by burning moxa leaves at the acupuncture point) electrical acupuncture stimulation (electrical currents attached to the needles) cupping (a suction method which improves circulation), chinese manipulative and massage techniques, and herbal medicine.  We also advise on lifestyle changes, meditation and exercise – often in the form of Qigong.

The combination of treatments and herbs is chosen specifically for the unique state of each client’s health. Where western medicine treats an “average” (no body is average!)  Chinese medicine is tailor made to the individual - ancient yet very modern designer healthcare.

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Real Life Stories

"I used David Craddock at Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic in Auckland. After spending all of my twenties supposedly infertile (Doctor after Doctor saying I would never have children) with polycystic ovaries and two cervical cancer scares under my belt, at the age of 33 I am now the proud mother of two beautiful children. Thanks to David I no longer have cystic ovaries. He's incredibly...

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