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David Craddock started the Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic around 18 years ago, and since that time has become known as a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist who loves a medical challenge. His successes have gained him a reputation as a miracle worker in areas where hope is normally slim.

The Clinic has grown to a team of three Acupuncturists with shared philosophy and skills that compliment each other well.  David's experience and techniques are shared across the team, and together, they all constantly push their knowledge further. What is possible for people's renewed health with this kind of dedication is considerable.

The way of Chinese Medicine is to maintain people's whole health like "gardeners" rather than dealing only with health emergencies.

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We work with a foot in each world. Bringing master knowledge of the ancient forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine - and complimenting Western medicine where it best serves your health.


What is special about our practice?

We are progressive in using ancient traditional techniques that can help certain difficult diseases in a way that Western medicine may not. What TCM can achieve can be truly remarkable - in conjunction with Western medicine, or on its own.

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What is the atmosphere like here?

People tell us that harmony and balance behind the philosophy of TCM is felt here in the clinic in a real down to earth way. We love how that happy energy has evolved, and hope it is about the character our team bring to the work we care deeply about!

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Real Life Stories

"I used David Craddock at Ponsonby Acupuncture Clinic in Auckland. After spending all of my twenties supposedly infertile (Doctor after Doctor saying I would never have children) with polycystic ovaries and two cervical cancer scares under my belt, at the age of 33 I am now the proud mother of two beautiful children. Thanks to David I no longer have cystic ovaries. He's incredibly...

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